Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well after I decided that I should preorder mgs4 I started to look into the some of the features of the upcoming game. I dont think alot of people understand whats going on with this game, well first of all let explain the basics. mgs4 is on a blu ray disc. and since blu ray has won the format wars I think its safe to start taking full advantage of the tecnology. But the fact that mgs4 is going to take up an entire blu ray disc is just unbelievible. FIFTY GIGS!!!! if mgs 4 was on a standard dvd you have to put it on 10 to 12 individual discs.
ok so basicalily if microsoft dosnt switch to bluray they will DIE at the hands of sony. as for the wii theyre doing their own thing. in fact the cool thing about the wii is it dosent really have any competition.check out the only gameplay footage we really have of mgs 4

now you could compare the blu ray disc to blast processing in the early 90s. but the fact that you could put 5 or more xbox 360 games on one bluray disc and have them play perfectly


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